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Three Dark Spirits

I found this article off It was not just about dark spirits, but others like The Kokari.

Skull Kids

The first spirits we will discuss are the Skull Kids. These spirits are the dark forest spirits who live in the Lost Woods. Not to be confused with Skull Kid himself, who was a specific Skull Kid who got himself into a lot of trouble in Majora’s Mask, they are spirits of children who got lost in the Lost Woods. These children lose their faces and don clothes made of leaves. For the rest of eternity they live in the Lost Woods, forever bound to it. Sometimes the Skull Kids are shown to be morose but friendly with a great interest in flute playing, and other times they are shown to be more mischievous.

Before we move on, let’s go back to Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. He is not what he appears to be. He seems just like any other skull kid, but we discover in Granny’s story (confirmed when the giants speak with him at the end of the game) that Skull Kid is, in fact, immortal. He is the imp in the story who caused so much trouble for the people of Termina that his friends, the Giants, has to ban him from the land forever.

He is a very tricky character, like the mischievous Pan in Greek mythology. Whereas Pan was a god, specifically the God of mischief and the wild, Skull Kid is more of a spirit. An immortal spirit, but a spirit nonetheless. He doesn’t quite qualify for either the position of god or the role of the trickster in Hyrulian mythology.


Stalfos and Stalchildren are very similar to Skull Kids, but different in appearance. They look like walking skeletons of various size depending on the age and size of the Hylian who was lost. The Kokiri say that any adult who is lost in the Lost Woods becomes sick and turns into a Stalfos. Under the reign of Ganondorf, the Evil King, Stalfos take up armor and weaponry and go to war for him.

Stalchildren come out of Hyrule field at night. There are a few theories about why they show up, but nothing conclusive. It is possible that they are the spirits of children who are lost in Hyrule Field, like the Stalfos in the woods. Oddly, under the reign of Ganondorf in the future of Ocarina of Time, the Stalchildren disappear and are not seen again.


Most poes are evil spirits, ghosts of Hyrulian mythology and more like one of Ganondorf’s monsters. This would make them pointless to talk about, however a couple specific poes lead me to believe that there is more to these spirits than merely Ganondorf’s evil power.


Sharp and Flat, the composer brothers of Hyrule, appear in two games as poes. For some reason, when they died they turned into poe spirits and haunted the land rather than simply dying or becoming Redeads. Further research shows that poes are the dead spirits of Hylians who harbored a lot of hate toward the world for whatever reason. This hate leaves their souls to wander the world in the form of a ghost holding a lantern, often hooded.

Their spirits reside in the light of the lantern, and upon being killed drop and are able to be bottled. In Majora’s Mask, however, we learn that if peace is brought to the hate-filled soul then the spirit will simply slip away into the afterlife. Poes are usually found in places of great death, such as graveyards or crypts, but can fixate upon other locations as well.


I wouldn’t find Skull Kids to be evil, (exept The Skull Kid, the main bady guy of MM & and the Skull Kid you give a mask to in OOT,)

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