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Today i’d like to talk about some cool LEGO Cuusoo projects. If you don’t know what LEGO Cuusoo is, i’ll just say it’s a site were people can think up stuff they want as a LEGO product, make a project, and try to get 10,000 supporters! If they do, LEGO will think about making it, and also get premishion from a company if the project is a copyrited franchise.

– The Legend of Zelda Project-

Idea Image

Here is the description of the project.

This project is focused on presenting the ideal direction for LEGO to aim for, should an official LEGO Zelda set/or potentially a theme be realized!
I have created this project so that all of YOU LEGO and Zelda fans out there can be part of this process of determining what a kind of finalized product you would like to see becoming a reality!

I will do my best to take note of your ideas and suggestion, and try to adapt them to a LEGO friendly set/creation.
But do however keep in mind that as I am responsible for this project, my own personal opinion and visions will be determining the most suitable aspects concerning a product development.


How would the Zelda franchise with so many different styles and vast variety in character and item gallery translate to the LEGO medium? Let alone, 1 single set?!
It has to be a direction based on all the games and styles, as there are too many preferences to meet them all in one single set.


First of it’s the Minifigure direction.
When it comes to the style, there are many divided opinions and desires, and frankly, everyone’s wishes can’t be included. Would you want a Wind Waker Link you’d need to have a WW Zelda and Ganondorf, which would conflict with those wanting Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword versions of the characters.

So I would suggest a style that translates best into LEGO, and personally I think that Twilight Princess would be an ideal base, due to the details and realism.

And thus I present:


Idea Image

Zelda is about quality, and so is LEGO, therefore I would suggest such an extensive attention to detail, with fabric tunic/skirt, as seen with the Collectible Minifigures. Introduce a new Scabbard Belt piece, based on those seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean sets, able to contain the Master Sword, and a clip for the Hylian Shield to be attached onto it.I’d suggest printing on both sides of the torso, front and side of the legs, and the arms
(what you see portrayed is beyond what can be produced, it is to illustrate “The Ultimate Link Minfig”, but I hope for something as close to it as possible).
A new rubber hair (with ears) and cap piece, maybe even separate with a pin connection, as Link in later games has been starting out without the cap.Concerning the face, there are many divided opinions and I’ve added a more LEGO-esque variation to meet the desires of the others not preferring the ingame accurate rendition.

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

I Started this Project back in December 2011, and have since then with the time available been working forward and backward on several ideas.

One such idea was new LEGO horse model, which to my surprise looked almost exactly like the new ones LEGO will be introducing in the Lord of the Rings line.
So for Epona there wouldn’t be a need for a new mould, although an Epona as my rendition seen in the blog link is, would be somewhat more intriguing.

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Legend of Zelda: Master Sword & Pedestal
Idea Image
The Legend of Zelda. Whether you played it for the first time 25 years ago –or have never played it at all, there is no denying its Brilliance.A classic tale of a small hero rising up to strike down evil and rescue the princess, Legend of Zelda has enticed gamers of all ages for over a quarter of a century.Many things are iconic to this beloved series; Link, Ganon, Zelda, Epona, Bombs, Arrows, etc… especially the Master Sword.Also known as “The Blade of Evil’s Bane”, the Master Sword is the instrument by which Link defeats Ganon.

Ranked the greatest video game weapon of all time by IGN, there are few who would deny it’s greatness.

Over the years there have been various real-life incarnations of the Master Sword, all featuring various combinations of plastic, wood, and steel. But there is one medium it has never touched upon –Lego.

What better way to represent this iconic blade than with a material that lets you craft the weapon with your own hands?

Certainly it would not be for serious play. But it would still be a beautiful looking tribute to one of the greatest game series of all time. More in the vein of architecture sets, or Ultimate Collector’s Edition sets.

Idea Image
NOTE: The specs are various combinations of data from the physical built copy and the digital designer copy, as a result they will not be perfectly exact.Specs: (Update coming soon)Handle Length: 11 InchesBlade Length: 26 Inches

Crosshilt Width:

Pieces: 550-ish


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Don’t necessarily view your support as 0.001% of the way to 10,000. Instead, reach for smaller goals such as every 10 or 100. Or look at it as aiming for getting it in the top ten most supported of the week, which would only require about 250 supporters.Ocarina of Time’s 15th Anniversary comes in November of 2013, let’s try to get 10,000 supporters before then!
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